Announcement: Women's Perfectionism Group Forming September 2015


Is this group right for me?

If you are drawn to the description above, then probably yes! You would benefit from this group if you have high standards for yourself and are goal-driven, and at the same time have a fear of failure, tend to have an "all or nothing" viewpoint, and are critical of yourself. If you are interested in becoming more self-compassionate, this is the group for you.

What will it be like? 

Every week we will cover a different topic related to perfectionism. We will spend part of our time learning about the topic, then move into a time of processing either through a hands-on activity or verbally as a group. 

Will there be homework?

I prefer the term "weekly challenges" :) Between sessions is where the real transformation happens- through journaling, worksheets, mindfulness exercises, and more. 

Okay, I'm ready to sign up!

Great! Call me at 612-547-9040 or email Can't wait to hear from you!