What to do Between Counseling Sessions

Counseling sessions are generally about an hour per week. 

A lot happens during that hour- sometimes a huge range of emotion is expressed- joy, disappointment, hope, fear. 

It can be a lot to process.

I'm a big believer that the most significant change happens between counseling sessions. In the other 167 hours of the week.

In light of that, I've come up with a few standard recommendations for how to supplement counseling. Everyone has different needs, of course, but here's a good starting point:

Get Sleep

Anxiety and depression often impact your sleep. It might be useful to track your sleep using something like a Fitbit, or an app on your phone. My favorite, Sleep Cycle, also serves as an alarm clock to wake you up during your lightest sleep stage- helping you to feel more rested when you wake up. 

Get Sweaty

I'm using sweaty in a generous way here- exercise doesn't need to be super strenuous. Start with something gentle like a walk around your neighborhood, or yoga. Even just doing a few stretches every day can work wonders for mental clarity and mood. 

Get Spiritual

Connect to something bigger than yourself- whether that's through prayer, spending time in nature, writing in a gratitude journal, or getting involved in your local church. Organized or solo, spirituality can help ease the feelings of hopelessness and isolation. 

Get Social

We aren't designed to be alone- we are social beings! Being social looks different to everyone, based on your personality and temperament. When life feels overwhelming and anxiety is telling you you don't have time to get coffee with your friend- go have coffee with your friend. Chances are you'll feel uplifted- at the very least, connected.

There are so many more ideas on what to do in between counseling sessions, tailored specifically to you and your life. If you're ready to take the next step and invest in counseling, schedule an appointment today.