What Chipotle taught me about mindfulness

What's better than free Chipotle?

Free Chipotle that teaches you a lesson!

The other day I had some free time and a free Chipotle coupon, so I went down the street to Chipotle, ordered chicken tacos, and sat myself down at a window seat. And then I ate.

That's it. No phone, no book, no laptop, no magazine. Just me and my tacos.

At first it was uncomfortable. It felt unnatural to sit there and just eat. Even as a counselor who regularly uses mindfulness. But after a couple minutes, it became enjoyable. Peaceful, even.

Because my attention wasn't split, I was able to completely focus on the here and now. I noticed the differences between the hot chicken and the cool sour cream. I heard the music playing, and paid attention to how my body felt sitting on the stool. I became aware of my mood changing.

I left Chipotle feeling calm, centered, and fully present. My mind wasn't already moving on to the next task. I was noticing the present moment. This is mindfulness. Paying attention, in a particular way, on purpose. Yoga mat and meditation cushion optional ;)

What is one thing you can do mindfully today?

Maybe you've been practicing mindfulness and are ready to take it to the next level. I regularly incorporate mindfulness practices into counseling for anxiety and depression. Schedule an appointment to get started today.