Podcasts to inspire your commute

As a counselor, I work with many young professionals who commute daily. Whether it's taking the Minneapolis - St. Paul light-rail, driving in rush hour traffic, or walking to the office, millennials are spending a lot of time commuting. It can be a source of frustration- a sense of wasted time. But it doesn't have to be that way! It could be a chance to practice putting yourself in the driver's seat (ahem, pun intended) of life and take control of your day. 

If you know me, you probably have heard me talk about podcasts. I can't get enough! Some are educational, some are funny, and others are inspirational. The best ones are all three ;-) Check out my recommendations on podcasts to inspire your commute:

1. Happier This is the podcast I look forward most to each week! Author Gretchen Rubin and writer/producer (and Gretchen's sister!) Elizabeth Craft spend each episode talking through different aspects of good habits and happiness. They give tangible ideas on how to make your life happier. I love that each episodes ends with a reminder of the life-hacks from that episode and a challenge to try it at home.

2. This American Life A classic, with good reason. The content always varies, but each episode has a topic with one or several stories on that topic. What's really great about this one is that because it's so popular, it's easy to find someone at work to chat about it right away. I'm always leaving TAL feeling better or at least more connected to the goings-on in our country.

3. Eliza Starting at 16 I'm far from 16... and in all fairness, Eliza is now 18. BUT. I'm super into this podcast for a few reasons. First of all- I work with a lot of teens and it's fun to hear teen perspectives on current events. Second, Eliza is so articulate and certainly more mature than I was at her age- awesome to listen to her thought process through each episode. Sidenote, Eliza happens to be the daughter of Gretchen Rubin from Happier!

4. Gilmore Guys I used to have a pretty long commute, about 40 minutes one way. This was my favorite podcast to listen to each day- the episodes range from 2-5 hours (no kidding) and they were putting out two episodes per week! It was a lovely, lighthearted accompaniment to and from work. They do a deep dive into every episode of Gilmore Girls- I recommend this one for anyone needing a good laugh after a stressful day at work.

5. Call Your Girlfriend This is a pretty self-explanatory podcast- two long distance girlfriends talk about various topics each episode. As I mentioned in a previous post, it can be hard to keep up with long distance friends after college. I recommend listening to this with one your friends in another city- not only will it help your commute seem more manageable, it'll give you the warm fuzzies in knowing that your long distance gal pal is listening too. 

Podcasts are great, but they are certainly no substitution for quality mental healthcare. Counseling can help you identify and remove blocks that are getting in the way of your dream life. Schedule your first appointment to get started today.