3 yoga sequences to manage your anxiety (and 1 for depression!)

This is no longer news but it's so important that I'll repeat myself: Your mind and body are strongly connected. Your emotions are impacted by your physical body, and vice versa. Same goes for your thoughts and emotions. This connection is why we need to pay attention to how our bodies feel during any given emotion. As a therapist, I sometimes ask clients to figure out where they are feeling their emotions- for example, people often say they feel sadness in their chests. 

When I'm anxious, my body is the first to tell me- my shoulders creep up toward my ears, my hands form into fists, and my breathing is shallow. 

This mind-body connection is why I love yoga. Taking time to calm the mind and body simultaneously is enormously helpful. To be clear, I'm not a yoga instructor and have had zero formal education on it- but since I regularly recommend yoga as a supplement to therapy, I thought I'd share a few sequences here.

Yoga with Adriene is my absolute favorite online resource for yoga- I've been following Adriene since 2013 and recommend her to everyone! Seriously- she has something for everybody, no matter your style, age, or ability. Here are my go-to yoga videos to support mental health:

Are you ready to take the next step with the mind-body connection? Counseling is a powerful vehicle for healing and growth, and I often incorporate mindfulness and body awareness in session. Find out more about the mind-body connection by setting up your first counseling session today.