The most common myths people believe about counseling

Over the years, I've noticed many FALSE, yet commonly held beliefs about counseling. Whether it's from a poor portrayal in a movie, or just someone without all the facts on mental healthcare, there's a lot of misinformation out there. I am eager to dispel some of it. Let's go!

5 commonly believed myths about counseling

My therapist will fix all my problems. Unfortunately, I don't have a magic wand. I do not have any special powers to make your problems go away. Counseling is a process, and it's one that takes a significant investment of your time, energy, and finances. We will work together to figure out what goals you'd like to achieve, and then focus on those collaboratively throughout the course of therapy. If you're feeling stuck and unsure where to go, I want you to know that you are not alone. You don't need to figure this out yourself. It is my honor to work alongside women just like you who want to experience greater freedom. 

Counseling is expensive and out of reach. Sometimes finances can be a barrier to seeking quality mental health counseling. Therefore, I do my best to make counseling services more accessible.

In-network health insurance: I am in-network with some insurance companies. Depending on your plan, you may have the full cost covered, or just be responsible for a smaller portion. If you do have a deductible to meet before insurance pays for counseling, you receive a discount from my full fee, just by seeing a counselor who is in-network.

Out-of-network insurance reimbursement: If I am not an in-network provider for your insurance company, we can work around that. You may be entitled to partial reimbursement from your health insurance. I will give you a receipt that you can upload to an app- the good people at Better will take care of everything and send you a check for you are owed. Couldn't be easier.

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective: I am pleased to partner with Open Path to offer discounted rates for clients who cannot afford the full fee or do not have health insurance. I reserve 4 slots for Open Path clients- please contact me to inquire on on current availability.

Groups: Group therapy is a great way to receive low cost counseling services. I offer groups for teens and adults, at $30 per session. If you are interested in group counseling, check out my current offerings here.

Creative thinking: Outside-the-box thinking can be huge here. Do you have family or friends who are able and eager to invest in your personal development? How about your church? Sometimes churches have what are called "benevolence funds" to help pay for counseling. Do you have a dining out habit that could be pared back (temporarily) in order to make room in your budget for counseling? 

Free community resources: For completely free counseling services, check out the Walk-In Clinic. With locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, they are able to serve individuals who are unable to pay for sessions. This is a great resource in the Twin Cities!

Counseling is for crazy people. First of all, you are not crazy. Second, let's just go ahead and remove that label from our lexicon. It's not accurate, helpful, or kind. That begs that question- who IS counseling for? Counseling is for:

-the 23-year-old woman who is excelling in her career already- but also fears she has lost who she really is.

-the newlywed who can't understand why she feels lonely and depressed when she thought marriage would bring happiness.

-the college student who feels completely overwhelmed trying to balance intense coursework and a social life.

-the professional who feels like she just can't get it together and wonders if she'll ever feel control over her anxiety.

-anyone who wants to experience freedom and a deeper sense of peace.

Counseling is good for people with REAL problems, not like mine. defines problem as "a question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty." If something is in the way of you living in freedom, it's time to move it. My job is to walk alongside you and help move whatever boulder is in your way, so you can get back on your path. There are many diverse reasons why someone walks into my office, and I've yet to tell someone that their concerns do not warrant sorting through them in counseling. Not convinced? Here are a few common, general reasons people work with me:

She wants to be in a better place emotionally before marriage.

She wants to unpack and process situations and relationships from her past.

She wants to learn practical skills to manage anxiety.

She wants to gain confidence in her identity.

She wants to stop thinking so negatively about herself.

She wants to find ways to communicate better with a toxic boss.

Counseling is uncomfortable. Okay, this one is actually a half-truth. The common belief is that counseling will either be awkward or emotionally excruciating, scaring people off from making an appointment. I get that. And, the reality is that you won't always feel comfortable in therapy sessions. You may be challenged to view yourself or a situation differently. You may be asked to try some new behaviors. But, catch this- this is important: you are never alone in this. My job as a counselor is to create space for you to process, grow, and heal. We will do this together.


If you're local to Minneapolis - St. Paul and are ready to start counseling, I'm so excited for you! Take the first step toward healing and freedom by scheduling your first appointment today.